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Compensation Insights

The Great Disconnect: Getting Compensation Back on Track

Align compensation with business strategyDuring times of major disruption and change, organizations need to maintain a laser focus on the business. Changing technologies, markets, sales approaches, and customer expectations require nothing less. The Great Recession was one of those times – a generational event that transformed many organizations in ways large and small.

Organizations can be forgiven for leaving compensation structures on autopilot while they addressed more urgent issues. However, benign neglect can turn into something more damaging if pay gets out of sync with the marketplace. In fact, this disconnect is happening to many organizations right now.

When one health care company began having difficulty attracting and retaining a strong workforce, a close look revealed compensation plans and programs that had not kept up with the market.

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Align Your Compensation Approach with Your Business Strategy

Compensation Planning Insights Part 1. The business environment is changing rapidly, and your company’s compensation strategy may not be keeping up.

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