Our Compensation Consulting Services

If your company wants innovative ways to manage, develop, and compensate your staff, look no further than McDermott Associates. Our consulting professionals can work with you to create custom plans that put your company on the path to success.

Design your business for peak performance

Our compensation consultants will work with you to design executive compensation, employee incentive plans, sales compensation, base pay programs, and board of directors’ remuneration plans. In addition, we consult on performance management program design and implementation, as well as organizational design.

We also help organizations develop their leadership teams by performing executive assessments to identify senior managers' individual strengths and weaknesses. Then we create practical development plans to increase their personal effectiveness and enhance organizational success.

Trust our market assessments, including custom surveys and annual compensation surveys to help ensure that your company pays competitively and stays ahead of the competition. We also conduct annual standardized and customized market pricing studies. We draw from an extensive database of the latest market information to ensure that your company achieves and retains a competitive edge.

With our MASTER Job Descriptions©, you can ensure that your company’s job descriptions are truly useful tools for recruitment, selection, and appraisal.

No matter what size your company, we can help you optimize your most important resource – your people. We have consulted for clients across multiple industries and have probably worked in yours. Read our case studies to find out how we’ve helped other firms, then contact us for a complimentary initial consultation to find out how McDermott Associates can help your company achieve peak performance.


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