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Benchmark Your Compensation Plan

Get timely data and insights that allow you to reward and retain key employees, while aligning your cash management compensation plan with your company's business strategy and performance. 

Participate in the Cash Management Compensation Survey and you will have access to reliable third-party data that will allow you to compare compensation packages to your competition and the broader market. 

When you participate in this confidential survey, you will receive a customized analysis, including: 

  • High-level dashboard summary. A scannable overview highlights pertinent results and top-line analysis for your company's cash management function. 
  • Detailed, real-world comparisons. Your firm's data will be compared to other respondents by position and then by geography and other pertinent criteria.
  • Data summaries by job title. Data is segmented by 48 position titles, so that you can easily compare compensation by position.

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