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We help you retain talent

Your company’s most valuable asset is its employees. But do you know which employees provide the most value to your company and are you compensating them accordingly?

At D.G. McDermott Associates we create and implement custom human resources and compensation strategies that ensure that you retain the right talent – those employees who will help your company thrive.

Executive Compensation Consultants

Our founder Don McDermott has a passion for combining hands-on, personal service with an unbiased,independent view. That’s why when you work with us, you get a consulting team that is dedicated to helping your company do what it needs to do to flourish.

Our senior executive compensation consultants provide fresh thinking about how and what you pay your people. We partner with you and your team to develop compensation, performance management, and organizational design solutions that align with your corporate strategy and suit your company's culture. Then we follow through to ensure the solutions are on track and helping you achieve your goals.

We’re also known for the annual compensation surveys we conduct in

  • Cash Management
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Human Capital Outsourcing Services
  • Actuarial Consulting
  • Middle Market Management

Are we a good fit for your company? We typically help clients with $5-$500 million in revenues and 2 to 10,000 employees tackle their HR and compensation challenges. To get to know us, check out our case studies and find out how we’ve helped our non-profit, private firm and public company clients achieve their goals. Then give Don McDermott a call at 732.842.8634.