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Matching Compensation to Growth in the Non-Profit Sector

Lunch Break is a non-profit organization started in 1983 as a small soup kitchen by Norma Todd, a woman with a vision to feed the hungry in Red Bank, NJ.

Thanks to the support of individual donors, foundations, corporate, and business communities, Lunch Break has since evolved into an organization of 30 salaried employees, a network of more than 2,000 volunteers, and a larger mandate to provide food, clothing, life skills, and fellowship to those in need in all of Monmouth County and beyond.

Critical Skills Compensation

An international systems and technology company was expanding in the United States. The company’s main product lines focused on high end voice and video surveillance activities. As part of this expansion, it was hiring all levels of systems engineers and developers. Particular skills were needed for expanding existing product lines and adding new products and features. In addition, there was need to staff the customer support center.

Reassessing a Financial Service Firm’s Sales Compensation Plan

A financial service firm’s sales compensation plan was designed several years prior with some minor adjustments along the way. However, both the company and the sales force had grown, and opportunities were being limited by trying to conform to the old plan.

Restructuring Sales Roles and Compensation

A computer software and services company’s sales staff was tasked with many activities that were unrelated to selling. Sales reps felt they didn’t have time to sell, be productive, or make more money with this added administrative burden.

Reward Programs Integrated with the Strategic Plan

The health care unit of a top insurance company wanted to assess how well its human resources programs supported its long-term business strategy to become a dominant leader in the HMO and Preferred Provider Network industry.

Retention Practices

One of the largest management consulting firms prominent in the business process and systems integration field was experiencing unacceptable turnover of its consulting staff, especially at the associate level with five to seven years of valuable experience.

Benchmark and Organizational Study

One of the top five money center banks in the US was concerned about the competitiveness of the total compensation package for its executives who managed a global service business.

Building Total Rewards and Performance Management Systems

A nationally recognized employee benefits consulting firm was concerned about its overall compensation and performance management systems.

Retention of Key Executives

A privately (family) owned national wholesaler and distributor of gifts and novelty items was concerned about its ability to retain key non-family executives who stayed with the company through some difficult years.

Competitive Pay Plan for a Non-Profit’s Senior Executives

A nationally recognized drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, concerned about the competitiveness of its executive pay levels and retirement benefits, wanted to validate executive compensation practices vis-a-vis its market for talent.