Compensation Consulting Information Center

Because today's global business climate is ever-changing, it is vital to stay on top of industry trends. But you won't have to be a corporate watchdog when it comes to the latest news that affects your company and its employees. For more than 20 years D.G. McDermott Associates, LLC, has given clients up-to-date information that contributes to better decision making.

Compensation issues arise and standards change all the time, and we know this affects your company. Our clients have come to depend on us to stay abreast of the latest news to help them make better corporate choices. To best serve each of our clients, we keep on top of human resources and compensation consulting issues. This helps them maintain their competitive edge, which is essential for strategic growth.

Industry news not only has to be absorbed and understood, but applied to evaluate each business. The articles section features useful articles written by executive compensation consultants at D.G. McDermott Associates. Topics include developing equity-base incentives, holistic compensation design, performance-based rewards, business and compensation strategies and more. Here you'll find information about employee incentive plans, executive compensation surveys and the compensation consulting industry as a whole.

We know you care about your company and want to stay on top of everything that affects it. We can help - contact us today to learn more.