Articles about Compensation Strategies and More

These articles provide insights and background information about compensation strategies, performance-based awards, equity-based incentives and more.

Develop a Compensation Philosophy Statement for Today’s Times

Pave the way for a culture of trust and openness in your organization

Employees want and expect to know how their work contributes to the organization and what factors determine their pay. A clear and consistently communicated compensation philosophy paves the path for a culture of trust and openness in your organization. Here's how you can build one for your organization. Read more: Compensation Philosophy

Strategic Association Assessment

Strategic Association Assessments focus on the long-term challenges impacting an entire industry or profession. Associations must understand and address these issues or risk becoming irrelevant. Read more.

Integrating Compensation Strategies: A Holistic Approach to Compensation Design

In this case study a company in a high-growth industry successfully used a new integrated incentive compensation program to satisfy strategic concerns and differentiate itself in the marketplace. Read more.

Reinforcing the Bridge between Business Strategy and Compensation Strategy

Today's compensation approaches, like the rest of the business world, are changing rapidly. As a result, the bridge that connects compensation strategy to the overall business strategy may have been weakened by the frequent shifts that characterize business today. Read more.

Gathering Information For the New Age of Compensation

Two case studies illustrate how to meet top management's demand for more and more relevant-compensation information. Read more.

Seven Steps to Successful Performance-Based Reward

Reliance on traditional merit increases to base pay as a way of rewarding strong employee performance has steadily eroded in recent years, largely because these programs have little or no direct tie to the bottom line. Read more.

Taking Stock: How Private Companies Can Develop Equity-Based Incentives

Employee incentive programs and executive compensation packages retain top talent and increase business revenue. Analyze and implement current practices with a leading compensation consulting firm. Read more.