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DGM’s Objectivity and Insights Help Modernize Nonprofit’s Compensation Plan

When Larry Carlson came to United Methodist Homes of NJ, its human resources function was outdated and in need of serious attention. A complete HR audit was conducted by an outside consultant who reviewed current HR policies and procedures and identified several projects that would operationalize industry best practices.

When some projects turned out to be more complex than could be handled internally, Larry connected with McDermott Associates. Working with DGM allowed United Methodist Homes to amplify their manpower and gave them a much-needed resource.

UMH’s first project with McDermott Associates was a compensation plan. “We didn’t have a comprehensive wage and salary plan.  There was too much variation in pay for each job title,” recalls Carlson.  “We needed to figure out if we needed to pay differently in different geographical regions and we needed to bring equity to the compensation structure both externally and internally.  Don helped us nail down the plan objectives and then craft its specifics.”

Carlson highly recommends McDermott Associates.  “Don understands the needs of UMH. He gets us, that’s why we appreciate working with him. He’s a great resource because he brings objectivity and insight.   He doesn’t hesitate to push back when it is in our best interest. He listens to what we want to have done and carefully designs a strategy to execute our objectives.”

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