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Helping Clients Develop Their Leadership Teams

Successful Leaders Depend Upon Our Executive Assessments and Coaching

Leadership matters. Organizations of all types and sizes depend on their leaders to set the strategic vision, make critical decisions, and foster an engaging, high-performing culture. Strong leaders typically run more productive organizations with higher levels of customer satisfaction, innovation, and long-term financial success.

D.G. McDermott Associates helps organizations develop their leadership teams by identifying senior managers’ individual strengths and weaknesses and then creating practical development plans to increase their personal effectiveness and enhance organizational success.

Best-in-Class Assessment Tools

Our consultants are certified to utilize the best-in-class Hogan Assessment Systems Leadership Forecast Series, a validated set of online assessment tools used by organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small and medium for-profit and non-profit organizations.

McDermott Associates team members have used the Hogan to:

  • Provide a multimedia publishing company’s senior team with insight into their leadership styles and context to help them interpret employee feedback.
  • Assess 3 candidates for top-level positons at a global financial institution, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.
  • Provide feedback and a recommended development plan as part of a formal coaching program for a high-potential technology professional at a multinational mass media corporation.
  • Prevent the derailment of a high-potential female executive at a regional banking corporation by providing feedback and a self-development plan for the exec.
  • Assess the long-term potential of a senior leader at a REIT, as part of a talent review conducted under a succession planning initiative.

Development Plans to Foster Professional Growth

We also offer our clients a self-guided, comprehensive planning tool for individual leadership development that can be used to foster a leader’s professional growth.

The tool integrates information from the three Hogan assessments into a five-step planning process. By completing the process, a leader produces a powerful, personal development plan designed to foster professional growth that can be used on its own or with a more formal coaching process.

Tailored individual executive coaching is also available from certified executive coaches.

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