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The MASTER Job Descriptions© Process

Identify and Measure Expected Results

To develop MASTER Job Descriptions© for your company, McDermott Associates will begin with a careful analysis of the important facts about a position, including:

  • Individual tasks involved
  • Methods used to complete the tasks
  • Purpose and responsibilities of the job
  • Relationship of the job to other jobs
  • Qualifications needed for the job

In addition to identifying the results expected from each set of tasks, we work with our clients to determine the best way to measure the extent to which each result was achieved.

With MASTER Job Descriptions, all results have the appropriate metrics associated with them, either quantitative (e.g., sales calls per day) or qualitative (e.g., customer feedback).

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MASTER Job Description Examples

Machine Operator in a Manufacturing Plant

TASKS: Follow operating instructions and established procedures; troubleshoot breakdowns; perform preventive maintenance; call for repairs

RESULT: Keep equipment operating.

METRIC: Amount of machine “down time” in a specified time period

Marketing Director for a Long-Term Care Facility

TASKS:  Facilitates move-in process for new residents

RESULT: Build relationships with new residents

METRIC: New resident satisfaction ratings

Connecting Work and Mission  

Managers, employees and stakeholders can recognize success when it is defined in terms of potential outcomes. MASTER Job Descriptions identify how the duties or tasks required improve organizational performance. MASTER builds the connection between the employee’s work and the mission of the organization. 

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